Saturday, December 01, 2012

Better late than never!!

“I for one would rather have a PR that is chaotic than live under a BN rule where bodyguards kill without motive, or where witnesses are forced to leave the country to save themselves. No democratic government anywhere in the world could have survived the kind of scandals we have witnessed under Najib’s rule. There is no greater ill than the obstruction of justice, especially when it is perpetrated by those in the higher echelons of power.”  
- Zaid Ibrahim -

The best APAM in the world..

najib manaukau said...
At least this Zaid Ibrahim has the audacity to say and admit what millions of those still staying in Umno dare not. Worse still asleep because of the crumbs and hand outs that the big boys like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir have given them to shut their mouth and above all put them in an illusion.
Even after 55 years the nation not only has not moved forward, instead Malaysia is struggling in the third world and in debts to the tune of billions or trillions. Yet so many millions are still living in these shambles not a single day would go by without a scandal of some sorts happening. These Umno morons are still clinging on to the false believe that the morons are implementing the NEM (not enough money) to help the poor Malays. When in actual facts people like the shenanigan Mahathir has hijacked the aims of NEP for his own benefits.
Why is it since the start of NEP in 1969, after 43 years of the formation of this policy there are still so many poor Malays when the morons within Umno have become multi millionaires or even billionaires ? Yet they are still begging to be given another term to continue to rob and still. Haven'y the Malaysians had enough of their lies, deceits and frauds ? The opposition captured five states in the last election and not a single one of four states now in the control of the opposition has gone bankrupt as claimed by Najib. In fact it is even gathering momentum and no doubt the opposition party will capture even more states in the coming GE.
This thought of being kicked out of the ivory towers is no only giving these morons in Umno night mares and they are now trying to frighten the Malays using all sorts of reasons to do so.
The truth is it is time, even though it is late but it is better late than never so just make sure you cast your vote to have these scumbags and parasites removed in the coming GE !
Ini adalah salah satu komen ttg zaid ibrahim..aku amik kat blog ZORRO-UNMASKED. Apa yg menarik kat sini bukan pasai zaid..tapi fakta yg ditulis dan fakta orang yang komen..itu yg aku suka...orang2 yang dok biru karat tu ada amik kisah pasai benda ni..cuba la lawan hujah si najib manakau ni...ada brani ka??? jgn jadi macam Najib ..debat pun takut..khaakk  tuiii.....